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Emotional Literacy: Unlocking the SECRETS to Emotional Intelligence.

Emotions as a System: Emotional Literacy (EL) is the term that describes the skills that create Emotional Intelligence (EI).

EL is the NEW EI !

EL is skills based whereas EI is an assessment of an outcome not the behaviours that created that outcome. So, most EI tests assess traits not the behaviours (the behavioural competencies) that "created" those attribute assessments. There is only one competency model of EL based on the psychology of emotions which transforms emotions into behaviours based on values and ethical frameworks. This is the EL model developed by Dr. Leigh Kibby

EL can build EI and foster ethical and values-driven behaviours especially during EMOTIONS TRIGGERING EVENTS and CHANGE.


Dr. Kibby, has used a "Systems Thinking" approach to EL and EI to help people better understand emotions, their own and others. The Systems approach is a significant leap forward in understanding the application of EL and EI and this breakthrough builds on Dr. Kibby's development of the world's first emotions managment continuum which describes EL and EI abilities ranging from Austism Spectrum Disorder through Emotional Intelligence to Charismatic Leadership.

EL is the "very specific" interaction and interpersonal skills that build emotionally intelligent leadership, emotionally intelligent people, emotionally intelligent teams and emotionally intelligent organisations.

EL skills developed by Leigh Kibby are the only known language-based competencies based on the psychology of emotions  that foster and encourage both EL and EI.

Applying a systems lense to organisational behaviour and culture offers leadership a new opportunity to build a culture of passionate commitment and corporate organisational citizenship.

Dr.Kibby can present the EL model and "Emotions as Systems" in free briefing sessions for your organisation. For Australia wide and international presentations travel fees are involved but presentations can also be conducted via SKYPE. To learn more, simply email Dr. Kibby at




Here's links to LinkedIn articles I have published. Simply use the links below. If they do not work, you might have to cut and paste theaddresses into your browser:


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Coaching, Mentoring and Emotional Literacy

Engagement and Culture using Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy for Sales and Marketing

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Health and Safety (HaS): The Emotional Literacy Equation

There are also key EL skills for:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • HR Leaders
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Contact Centres
  • Info Technology Teams
  • EL-Coaching
  • EL-Mentoring
  • Staff engagement and
  • Cultural Change


Noetic Psychology


The NOETIC PSYCHOLOGY model is the world's first model of human psychology integrating emotions, intelligence and behaviour with ethics, morals and spirituality. Click here to download the paper .

Noetics comes from Noös, the Greek for spirit, hence the term Noetic Psychology.

Noetic Psychology is the capacity to create optimum performance and satisfaction by instilling a sense of spirit and meaning through values.

It is this use of values that substantially differentiates Kinematic from other companies. Whereas other talk about Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Change, we deliver results that manage emotions and behaviours ethically. In fact, our model of EI is the only one in the world that we know about to include values.

We have converted theory and research into practice:

  • in the corporate arena
  • with small businesses
  • with the long-term unemployed and
  • with youth.
Few others could claim this depth of experience and application of solutions. Additionally, our research and approaches have been presented to prestigious international forums.

For more information read some of our presentations and  papers/articles .

Psychological Genome based Psychotherapy Dr. Kibby's breakthrough thinking in the field of psychotherapy and counseling is described in this PRESS RELEASE which explains the concept behind Psychotherapy based on understanding a person's Psychological Genome - the Psychological Genome is model to explain the psychological  structures that govern behaviour much the same was as genes create our biological make-up.